KAFKA is embracing complexity and making sense of it.

Complexity is progress. It's a sign that we encourage and value different perspectives, opinions and experiences. It also means that we strive try to see the whole picture to understand a complex problem — and hence design the best solution.

In a nutshell

KAFKA is an MVA, a minimum viable agency initiated by Katharina Köth embracing the growing complexity of digital product and brand experience design.

Because when user needs and brand promises, infrastructures and innovation, creativity and strategy, the digital and the physical collide, they create a space of unique opportunity.

Being an MVA means that it starts with one and is the first iteration of a creative consultant agency concept, constantly developing new tools and services built to handle complexity with creative thinking.


1. Enabling and empowering teams and decision-makers to embrace complexity and experience design as a part of digital transformation.

2. Uncovering underlying issues and challenges as a basis to build better brand experiences.

3. Help understanding frameworks, trends and their origins to make more informed and less hype-driven decisions.

It's a promise

No ego. We won't ever advise you to anything, just because we're personally excited about it or solely want to win awards with it. It's about you.

No agenda. "If all you have is a hammer, everything looks like a nail." This is why problem solving is KAFKA's core product. Being agnosic from any design discipline ensures we stay open to any kind of solution.

No bullshit. Consultation and strategy is abstract work. But working operationally in the industry for many years, we will make it actionable for you.

Always pushing for the best solution. That being said, we'll still make it our task to challenge you and fight for the best solution to fit your context and goals.

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